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Vritual Engine Calculator calculates all the measurements required for engines
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Calculating your engine’s performance and building stats in relation to the effects of additional components is made easier by using the Virtual Engine Calculator program. With its help you can easily calculate your engine’s optimum combinations including compression ratio and height, horsepower, piston speed, gearing, MPH, injector sizing, displacement, injector sizing, power from MPH and intake flow CFM.

Simple calculations can all be made using this program’s button-type user interface, which features extra tutorial and help buttons and virtual dials that show you at a glance the measurements of your HP, Torque, RPM, Speed dial for MPH, and Flow dial for CFM. With just a few clicks of the mouse you can also have your ratio or cubic inch figures transposed into metric if you prefer. The program features practical buttons that enable you to save, load, print or export your results and using this software engine calculator will save you losing time and money from error testing. Suitable for all vehicle engines, and very easy to use, this calculator will ensure you have the most accurate calculation results and that any engine you’re considering adding new components to, is tuned well enough for optimum performance.

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